4 Drinks 4 Dinner

Last night, my sweet husband handled the bath time/bedtime routine on his own so that I could go out for dinner and drinks with my two best girlfriends from college. There is nothing quite like a girls’ night #amiright šŸ™‚

I’ve known Holly and Jennifer since my sophomore year of college when Holly and I lived in the our sorority’s house and Jennifer was a new member. We hit it off instantly and I have shared some of my best (as well as the worst) memories with them. No one knows me quite like they do and we have always had the sort of friendship that can pick right back up where it left off. These days, there’s not a day that goes by where I don’t talk to them, thanks to the wonders of iPhone group chat, but it is a rarity that we are able to get together in person due to our busy schedules. Holly is a busy working wife and mom to an adorable baby boy, and Jennifer is a busy professional gal who is planning a September wedding to her fiance!

The Orioles were in town and most of the restaurants in Federal Hill were booked as a result, so we ended up at a cocktail bar/restaurant (but let’s be honest- mostly a bar) called Bookmakers. We spent 3 wonderful hours drinking Tom Collins’, laughing loudly and reflecting on life… And splitting only an order of calamari between the three of us. A lot of things may have changed since college, but our poor decision making in the face of managing our alcohol is not one of them. Obviously. šŸ˜‰

After a rough couple of months, it felt great to smile again. I almost felt like that version of myself on the bottom, below. She’s not 100% satisfied with everything in her life, but she has so much joy and hope for the future and she hasn’t forgotten what it means to live in the moment.


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