When everything sux.

Remember sux? Slang from the 90’s, otherwise known as my teenage/glory days. I feel like it’s appropriate for use when something sucks (duh), but doesn’t suck as bad as more… serious sucky things. If that makes sense.

So, allow me to explain how everything SUX today.

I felt kind of crappy yesterday, so I went to bed early and when I woke up to my gym alarm, I was still feeling tired and I figured I could use the rest. Being an unemployed loser since my recent firing, I have nothing else to do during the day and figured I could go later.

I had some work to do for a lawyer I’m doing a little part time work for (for $10 an hour, apparently, which is insulting, but I digress) so I started working on that in the morning. I simultaneously started thinking about my paycheck and my lack of money and how useless this job is. Cue a freak out, emotional breakdown and a lot of crying. Once I pulled it together, I figured that was as good a time as any to go to the gym and get a work out in.

Working out is my stress relief, after all.

I dropped my darling child off at the gym daycare, put my belongings in my gym locker, ordered my post-work out shake, and headed over to the treadmill. I was just turning it on when…

The daycare supervisor walked up to me, told me my daughter had pooped in her diaper and that she needed to leave.

No workout.

Everything sux.

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