Rainy Day in Baltimore: White Marsh IKEA

This edition of Rainy Day in Baltimore features a gem I discovered completely by accident. Last week, my husband came home to find our closet completely collapsed in on itself. The clothing rail and top selves just came right out of the wall. These structures had been installed when we bought the house, so we just moved right in and left them as-is. Turns out, they were installed without anchors and the screws used were way too small. This was a disaster just waiting to happen.

My OCD does not allow a mess like that to exist, so off to IKEA we went in search of the ALGOT series and its many complicated parts. Neither of us being engineers, it took my husband and I a few trips back and forth exchanging parts until we got it right. Blair and I got to know this place pretty well and what I learned is that, other than being a place that takes literally all of my money on things I didn’t know I needed, IKEA is a great place to take your kids on a date.

There are endless aisles for them to run about and endless gadgets for a toddler to pick up and carry throughout the store. I like to start at the kid’s section, where they usually have a bunch of the kids toys and play equipment that they sell set up as demos. Blair loves to play with the play kitchen and sit at the little miniature tables.

She also likes to wander around the kids room displays just checking out the different beds and displays. This also gives me an idea of what sort of things draw Blair’s attention and I get a lot of good ideas for decorating her room and our house this way.

Once we’ve grown tired of exploring everything the store has to offer, we head to the in-store cafe for a lunch date. At $2.99 per kids meal, IKEA is the best value anywhere. The cafe even has a play area for the kids to use while the adults finish their meals. While the adult meals are also reasonably priced at about $5-6 per meal, I usually get a kids meal and that’s more than enough for me. Blair really enjoys the meatballs and wasn’t as big a fan of the chicken fingers.


As usual, I was unprepared and forgot to bring a bib or a change of clothes for my messy eater. Lucky for me, IKEA provides complimentary bibs right there in the cafe. #winning

IKEA Baltimore
Honeygo Blvd in White Marsh (Just off I95)

  • Parking: Plenty of it
  • Stroller Friendly: Yes- you’ll use the elevators. But I’d just ditch the stroller and use the cart. The smaller carts spin around and provide quite the wild ride 😉
  • Bathroom Situation: There are bathrooms on every floor (with changing tables!)
  • Economics: $
    • If you can get out without purchasing anything, this trip is free!
    • Reasonable prices at the in-store cafe.

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