Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Wishing you and yours a HAPPY, fun-filled, sunshiny Memorial Day Weekend from all of us here in Charm City. We are heading to a pretty fun annual event today- Brew at the Zoo, benefiting the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. It’s a drinking event so we’ll be dropping the little off with her Grandma this morning and picking her up tomorrow. We brought her along last year, but this year she’s much more wild and on the go. Brew at the Zoo is typically family friendly, just not for our one year old. Maybe next year!

Sunday my husband is working but Blair and I will head to a family BBQ for a few hours and hit up the community pool, opening this weekend, for some kiddie pool fun and to purchase our family passes. Monday and Tuesday, my sweet husband is off work! That’s when we’ll be celebrating together 🙂

I’ll be on a bit of a posting hiatus through the rest of this long weekend as we enjoy our family time together! I’ll share all of our fun when I return 😉


What do you have planned for this long weekend? Sound off in the comments!

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