This Crazy, Tragic, Sometimes Almost Magic, Awful, Beautiful Life

Hello there, ya’ll. Grab a short glass, a few ice cubes and a little whiskey and take a load off. Stay a while. Embrace the craziness that you’re about to read here, and leave feeling better about yourself and your place in life.

I’m Emily. An attorney by trade, wife by, well, marriage, and stay-at-home mom by surprise. Over the last couple years, I’ve graduated law school, gotten my dream job, quit my dream job, moved cross country, gotten married, had a baby, moved back cross country, scored another dream job, quit another dream job, and gotten fired and ended up unemployed. Things have been a little hectic, to say the least.

Simultaneously keeping me sane and driving me insane are my sweet husband, Blake, my baby girl, Blair, and my crazy Airedale Terrier, Marshall. We’re raising our little family in the self-proclaimed Greatest City In America, Baltimore, Maryland.

I can’t promise this little look at life will always be Pinterest Perfect, but I can promise to try and keep you laughing… and coming back for more.