Sunshiny Day

It is going to be 81 an sunny for the next FOUR days 🙂 We spent all day long outside today. I didn’t want to go inside… and neither did this girl.


We hit up Fit4Mom Baltimore City‘s Stroller Stride’s class at Patterson Park in the morning. This one hour total body toning class is so amazing that I am going to start teaching it this summer! The babies ride along in their strollers while the moms power walk or jog to different stations throughout the park where we do strength and toning work. After class, the babies gather for an informal play date! Today’s activities included SIDEWALK CHALK!

This was Blair’s first time playing with sidewalk chalk and it was really cool to watch her discover it on her own. She eventually figured it out and had a BALL drawing on the side walk (and herself!) Since she doesn’t go to daycare yet, we also love the fact that Stroller Strides class allows her an opportunity to socialize with other babies. It also combines two of my passions- motherhood and fitness. I am so grateful for the opportunity to share my love of fitness with my daughter and show her a good example of how to live a healthy, active lifestyle. No couch potato time for the girl, there is too much to see and do!

Here comes the sun..right?

It’s been pretty wet over here recently. Raining and raining and raining. Bad news at any time of year and almost any circumstance, but especially bad news when you have an active toddler who is dying to get outside! We’ve been keeping busy with cooking, indoor playtime in our awesome toddler heaven of a basement, and time spent at our favorite “rainy day ” spots (a few posts on that later!) This weekend, however, we had a brief respite from the constant drizzle and were able to get a few hours out in the sunshine!


Blair has been walking running up a storm these days and it’s hard to get her to stand still for a picture (or anything else, for that matter!) She especially loves running around in the grass and trying to chase all the dogs at the park. She definitely keeps me on my toes!


Sadly, the forecaster tells me that we’re in for some more rain here in the next few days. These sunny memories will have to tide us all over until then… 🙂